Renovation Process

March 27, 2018

Renovating a home doesn’t have to be difficult. There can be simple steps put into place to ensure that the renovation process runs smoothly. Some of the most common (avoidable) problems are…


You organise relocating, packing up a section of your home, time off work, utilities around a time frame you have been given. And…then it isn’t completed on time. There will be occasions where this can be unavoidable such as bad weather prolonging work. But on the most part time frames come down to organisation and communication. Renovating a home involves managing many trades and suppliers there are tilers, concreters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, timber yards, and many more. So, having an organised builder who can manage all of this is essential to a smooth renovation.


You, the owners, play a vital role in a renovation process running smoothly. Making decisions such as what tiles you want, what light fittings, fans, vanity, toilet, this list goes on. To ensure that you get what you want and it all happens on time there must be open and frequent communication between the builder and owners from the get go.


The builder must have a schedule so that the owner, all tradespersons and suppliers arrive on time, know what their role is and complete on time. We meet with our clients in the quoting process and discuss time frames, supplies, trades, and the building process to ensure that our clients get what they want. We pride ourselves on time, communication, organisation and professional finishes. If you would like to discuss your renovation dreams phone us and we will set up a time to meet.

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