Things to think about for your renovation design

March 27, 2018

With latest trends at our finger tips thanks to platforms such as pinterest home owners have many options to consider when planning out their home designs and renovations.

Natural light and Ventilation

Bringing natural light and ventilation into a space can make your home feel more spacious. You can also save on your power bill! This can easily be achieved through well though out placement of windows, doors and sky lights.

Bringing the outside in

We live in a great location to bring the outdoors into our living spaces. This can be achieved by opening up walls and replacing them with folding glass doors or weather proofing an outdoor deck or courtyard to allow use in all weather conditions. Phone us to discuss how this is possible in your home.


Choosing a colour scheme can feel daunting. Do you go neutral, bold, retro or earthy?


Having multi purpose rooms, open plan living and indoor/outdoor rooms allows you to create a beautiful home.

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