Things to think about before starting your renovation

March 27, 2018

Whether you are doing a bathroom renovation or a total home makeover here are the top five things to consider prior to renovating.

1. Purpose

Is this renovation happening to create your dream home or is this your investment property? This will determine the materials you use, the extent of the renovation and the budget. Both will require a well thought out plan and an organised builder but having thought about this question prior to engaging with a builder will allow the process to start smoothly.

2. Budget

Renovating a home is a big investment, there are many costs involved so having a realistic budget set out is important. First research finance options to ensure you can go ahead with the renovations. Secondly, phone us to organise a quote and we can discuss options to fit in with your budget.

3. Plan

Prior to walls being knocked down or your new kitchen to be installed there may need to be council approval or certification to ensure that all work meets Australia Building Standards. We will run through these processes with our clients during the quoting and contract phase. Some renovations will require architects, engineers or designers depending on your needs and vision.

4. Time

A good renovation is a well oiled machine with different trades coming at the right times and materials arriving in the right order. An experienced builder will orchestrate this for you. We prepare a time frame for you and arrange all materials and trades to arrive and complete on time.

5. Communication

A well thought out renovation means good communication between the owners and builders. Having a builder you trust and can communicate with effectively will allow your renovations to run smoothly. Phone us to organise a meeting to discuss your next renovation or new home.

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